Turning Point Testimonies

Here are some stories from people who had their lives changed through Turning Point!

When I came to Turning Point my life was in shambles. My wife and kids wouldn’t speak to me, I had abused every friend I ever had. I reached a point where I considered suicide as my only option. My addiction to drugs was controlling every area of my life and ruining anything positive Through the ministry of Turning Point, my life has completely turn around. God has completely restored my relationships and reshaped my thinking and self-destructive habits. I thank God for Turning Point, through their ministry I learned how to be a man, a father and a leader
- MT


Before Turning Point, my life was a mess. I hated the person that I had become. I  stole from people and robbed anybody just to fuel my addiction to drugs. My family wanted nothing to do with me, and lost a lot of good people in my life.  Going through the program taught me so much about myself and life. I built a relationship with God and learned about His Word and his love for me. I also learned what it meant to live a normal healthy life. Because of Turning Point, I am becoming the man that God has called me to be, and if it wasn’t for His grace, I wouldn’t even be here today! 

 Anthony Shabunia

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