Here are some stories from people who had their lives changed through Turning Point!

4 ½ years ago the Lord placed me at the doorstep of Turning Point Christian Center. Defeated, lost, and empty, alcohol had a foothold on my life. Not knowing that He had a plan for me, it was my plan to sober up and spend 30 days in a “Faith Based” recovery program. After experiencing much worldly success followed by divorce, bankruptcy, sickness, and job loss, I found myself using alcohol as a friend and numbing agent to face reality. Through a friend I learned of Turning Point Christian Center. Although I had experienced Religion periodically throughout my lifetime, it was through TPCC that I learned and experienced a Relationship with Christ. 30 days into the program, through God’s grace and mercy, I surrendered my life into His hands and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was the 8 months at TPCC that allows me today to testify that God has completely delivered me from alcohol. I am blessed to be rebuilding my life and currently self-employed in several businesses. Involved in the church, Calvary Life Family Worship Center, and supporter of TPCC. Most importantly being blessed with an amazing relationship with my boys Michael Jr. 26 and Collin 23. Through God’s transformation together they have been my rock and purpose to overcome and thrive into a new life with new beginnings.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come, the old is gone, the new is here. 
2 Corinthians 5:17

- Michael Jordan, Cheshire CT

I am from Hamden Connecticut. My addiction started In high school. Pain killers were everywhere. Back then the “opioid crisis” was not publicized or really known about at lest not to my knowledge. For a 16 year old kid I was way beyond my years I worked on a landscape construction crew and hung around guys twice my age if not older. At the time many people I was around were addicted to percs or oxy’s and didn’t even know they were addicted. Before I knew it I was as well. Addiction is an amazingly deceitful demon. I didn’t realize I had an addiction until about 20 years old. I made it through high school started a business all the while being addicted and not even knowing. I had just bought a new truck and decided to stop doing pills to recoup some of the money I had just spent. Well from that day things got interesting people stoped having pills for sale and soon I was addicted to heroin. My best friend was addicted as well and had gone to turning point Christian center January 2008. I was able to see the change in him and made a commitment about a year later December 30 2008 I came to tpcc. Originality I thought I would go for a month or so. After starting classes and meeting other people who had successfully turned their life around I decided to complete the program. Best decision I have ever made. Today I co own and run a tree service. I’ve had the ability to mentor and employ several turning point graduates one of whom is a key component to our company. I’m currently engaged to be married in June 2019. We have a beautiful home in north haven CT. A few miles from my parents whom I’m very close with.

- Rick Garner, Hamden CT

I am originally from Hamden, CT and currently resides in North Branford, CT.

Turning Point gave me my life back. It was more then classes and counseling, it was more then the work that was asked of us. It was the people of Turning Point and the presence of faith that made all the difference. I wouldn’t be the man I am today or have the life that I have if is wasn’t for the word, support and unconditional love of Pastor Bob, Sister Terry and Sammy and Jackie DeFrancesco.

Ten years ago, I graduated from Turing Point. Eight years ago, I began my career as a Lineman for United Illuminating. Six years ago, I purchased my first home. Five years ago, I married my wife, Ashley. Today, we have two amazing children, Leigha and Colton. Turning Point has been there through every step of my life.

- Josh, North Branford CT